How to Deal with Plantar Fasciitis whilst Playing Football

Hi there everyone, this is a blog to let you all know about Plantar Fasciitis, the injury and want you can do if you ever get it whilst playing football.

According to Mayoclinic (2020) Plantar Fasciitis (PLAN-tur fas-e-I-tis) is one of the most common causes of heel pain. It involves inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes (plantar fascia).  


What it feels like? Plantar Fasciitis feels like you are unable to place any pressure on your foot in a standing position and if bad enough makes it near impossible to walk due to the part of arch of your foot being inflamed. 

This is how I got it:

I was playing my last NPL football game for Northern Tigers in Sydney, with 10 minutes of the game left to go. I got kicked so incredibly hard in my foot, making it immediately difficult to run. With only 10 minutes to go, I continued to play. In hindsight, I had to do a lot of walking before this incident, I was already wearing down my feet and wearing incorrect footwear, the hit to my foot was enough to trigger a serious bout of Plantar Fasciitis.

The symptoms were: incredibly throbbing pain, the inability to walk or place my foot on hard surfaces. It took me at least 2 months to realise that this injury wasn’t going away and a whole lot of frustration during football season. My team mates were yelling at me, the coaches were frustrated with me, not to mention battling my own inner critics and learning to accept what my body could no longer do. Due to needing to compensate and lean onto one foot. The Plantar Fasciitis transferred to my other foot and I was left with Plantar Fasciitis in both – what a disaster and an injury I never wish onto anyone.

How I spent the 6 weeks off?

I spent 6 weeks off my foot due to Physio advice and my sports scientists. During this time I tried to rest as much as I could. I kept my foot elevated, iced and with constant massage through the muscle and calf.
It took me months (at least 3 months before I realised that the rest was helping). During my time off, I used the exercycle or did circuits until I could feel that my foot was being irritated. If it was irritated, I then took off any load and that was my training for the day. 

In the gym, I was learning to balance again. I remember thinking how incredibly ungrateful we become as people and how it takes such adversity to have to make me grateful for what I have and in this situation learning to stand on my foot again. On one foot, I would stand for 20 seconds, one time a week. One time a week then adjusted into two and so on. 

Balance then turned into straight running for five minutes, the first run was too hard. I ended up hobbling and collapsing onto my bed in frustration. Two days later I would try another five in hope, this time five minutes didn’t hurt…SUCCESS! Five minutes turned into ten…twenty and then two times a week. SUCCESS!

Straight running then turned into running around cones in a square and learning to turn. One, two, three, four…I remember praying that there would be no pain the next day. If the pain was too much, I knew that I did too much. When it wasn’t…success!!

As you can see, in brief form, this is what Plantar Fasciitis is and what it can do to your body. It is so difficult to recover from but you will. If you need any help please contact me on @aimee_the_magician I can give you some advice on getting back onto that pitch.

And what about now? Nearly a year later, I can tell you, that I can run five days a week at least, for as long as I want and as strong as I want with no limitations. When and if I feel a gentle pull under my foot, I monitor this injury and place a ball under my foot and lay off the load. It wasn’t easy and I can proudly say that I learnt how to walk again, turn again and lastly, run again by myself. Jeez, football injuries you know how to test me.

Overall, see you later Plantar, I definitely do not need you again.


How I Got Through My First Year Away?

Yeah, I put on 6kgs and spent 3 weeks getting it off to complete exhaustion (that is another story)

Hi everyone, me again and it is time for a new post. Ok, so this post will be a general intro to how I survived my first year overseas, trying to play football.

Ok, well first of all has anyone been away from their home before? 26 years old and I thought that I knew it all. Obviously, I was seriously mistaken. Travelling overseas and living in a different country from your own is one of the most liberating and challenging experiences that you will encounter. When I moved from Christchurch to Auckland, I grew, emotionally, physically but for me the most powerful change was in my soul. To some people this will not make sense but to spiritual people, these buzz words will get you going. To most people it did not make sense. Why was I giving up my fruitful career in teaching? Why was I moving cities when I had everything? A partner, my family. And I was leaving it for the unknown. Nothing, no job, no security, no friends, no family. I was leaving it for myself. Well looking back at it now. I have to say “Who says that I had anything?” To society I had success, but society has created such a dull reality to life that now thinking about it. I was playing safe and although I lived life to my fullest in Christchurch with what I had, life is this moment, no matter what it looks like, in the end I guess this journey and the unknown is the most beautiful thing I even OWN apart from the strengthened relationships with my beautiful family of course. To live with no regrets, no matter what the outcome, I did it for me. And although sometimes I question this decision and wonder what my life would be now if I was teaching in Christchurch and in the leadership roles that I always dreamed of. I certainly as hell would not be the person I am today without it. So I will trust in what the universe has in store for me.

I was ready to leave New Zealand, I had an offer to go to Germany and I did not take it. I chose to stay and finish my Masters, gain some financial stability for once and tick off the boxes that I needed. There were many reasons, you know, my football life may have been very different with this decision and as well as my academic life but I stick with my decisions and what my heart said and the journey I am on now. With football, it is so hard or anything to know what to do. I have spent millions of conversations with friends, going back and forth with not knowing what to do. In this situation all I can say is DO WHAT YOU WANT… AND THEN OWN IT. YOU HAVE TO. We are fortunate to have choice whereas others do not. In January, it was time to leave. I said to myself “whatever team that wants me”, I will take it. So long story short, I went to Serbia. Now, stop there for one second and shut the front door, before you go to Serbia I really hope that you think about this decision and your own safety. I was really busting to go overseas and I guess that is what I did.

Next blog, when I stepped into Serbia.

Follow Your Passion

Aimee Phillips BlogI’ve learnt a lot this year, maybe 6 years of learning in the period of 1 year…I have been in situations that no person should ever be in and I hope to God that you are not…I have kept a lot to myself and battled on, I have sacrificed maybe nearly every part of myself for the game but do not regret it at all, I have become such a better player because of it and so many more things that have happened but this post is derailing from the main purpose so I will stop… but the main thing that I have learnt is… That I will never again do anything that does not align with my spirit, who I am and what my spirit wants to make it whole because you can’t betray your soul, you can but the things that make you sing and shine from the inside out cannot hide or be suppressed and it is a losing battle. Have you ever fought your soul? Well call me strange but I fight it now. It is one of the craziest feelings to know that your purpose is more than you think or can imagine. That there is MORE for you in this massive big world although you don’t feel ready or want it.

So I really am going to continue to follow my passion, I love football very much and it is still my passion but there is a passion that is even stronger that has been bursting to be let out for sometime and that is my passion to start my own English Language Business. To be to help others and to be one of the leading academics in my field so then I can help and advise and give love, motivation to those who need my help and how I think.

This journey of my life is and has been the craziest 27 years. My dad said to me the other day. Aimee, you have to settle eventually. Maybe it is true but maybe it is not or maybe some people are meant to be sent on this earth to live lives that aren’t “settling” or looked as the normal. All I know is that I have to let my spirit be happy. Truly happy. Like jumping out of this world happy and let it live the way it was meant to live on this planet.

Love you all,