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How to Recover From Plantar Fasciitis in Order to Play Football?

A diagram showing you what this condition is.

This is a blog detailing what I needed to do in a 6 month plus span in order to recover from Plantar Facitiitis? Firstly, what is it? Look at the photos. that is an incredibly painful foot injury that occurs when you least expect. have you ever had his injury? How frustrating was it? And how incredibly scary; I feel your pain.

How did I get back to training at a high and professional level?

1. After the season, I gave my body a break. As an athlete, you do not have much time “to give your body a break” but I did. 6 weeks off the field, no running, limited walking as much as I could. Rest is integral to healing this injury.

2. Due to needing to trial for my National Team and professional contracts there isn’t much time to get back into it. After the 6 week period I had to train. And train I did but not like I normally would, I had to teach my body how to turn again, let alone walk again.

3. So I started with small steps and aimed for one 10 minute run a week, which then turned into two, and then turned into 3 days running a week. For your information and with someone who has Plantar Fasciitis being able to stand on your foot for more than 5 minutes is a blessing in disguise. So being able to eventually run again was a privilege.

4. Due to the injury coming back and forth. Ice after activity is integral as well as heat prior to activity.

5. Once running was now a thing. I had to teach myself how to turn again. Being quick and always on my feet now having limited co-ordination and no ability was disheartening and frustrating to say the least.

6. Sore ankles? Get out the cones. I lined up four corners and starting slowly running backwards and forwards for 20 minutes. Once that was easy pushing off the foot became easier and turning from corner to corner was incorporated into the training programme. Listen to your body. And things will get easier id you have the will to get onto the field again.

7. Lastly, the agility ladder came out. Stay tuned for my agility workouts and how to be sharp for the season and your own training and performance.

I hope that this blog helped you a little bit in regard to getting back to the field after suffering with Plantar Faciitis.

You will get better, take it from someone who had it and now plays again.

Talk soon.

Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the fibrous tissue (plantar fascia) along the bottom of your foot that connects your heel bone to your toes. This condition makes it very difficult to walk on your foot.


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