Starting this post I am feeling an uneasy feeling, firstly because I know that getting inside of the brain of a high performance athlete is dangerous; secondly because every person is different, my experiences, my thoughts and my belief system is true to me and is to be taken solely from a personal view and not to be interpreted as the only way that an athlete’s brain works (you are all educated people so you
In an interesting build up, I decided to stay in Wales. Within a week of accepting to stay in Wales for the campaign, I had an offer to go to Spain. It is funny that when it rains it pours and in an opportunity retrospect, you may have little or no opportunities and then many at the same time. Murphy’s Law. “Being in limbo is one of the most annoying positions to be in, but

Next Stop: Wales

Posted by aimzphillips on August 1, 2019

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After my stint in Serbia I traveled to Wales. Some of my best memories to date are the days that I spent in Wales. The people, the people, the people what beautiful, caring souls. And how did I get here? They say the world is small after this experience I really believe it. Thanks to 2 of my good friends who I met during my time in Auckland, they organised this move for me sweetly.
Hi lovely people, I have 3 posts to blast out on a Wednesday, end of the season kind of thang. Anyway, I am in an interesting part of the season, the part where I TRY to let everything be but also take a direction and suss out my options. Football wise, career wise and life wise. Although, you may think that this is easy but for someone who travels from place to place this can

The Training in Serbia

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It is hard for me to remember exactly the details of every single part of my journeys. However, I will try my best. The training in Serbia started with bands. I will never forget these bands, we spent 6 months told the same thing: “butt down, lower, knees apart, you are not doing it right”,daily. Crab walk, forwards, backwards, you name it. Reflecting on using these resistance bands I will have to say that I