Until my Career (whatever I am doing) is over let us talk Serbia

Hi lovely people, I have 3 posts to blast out on a Wednesday, end of the season kind of thang. Anyway, I am in an interesting part of the season, the part where I TRY to let everything be but also take a direction and suss out my options. Football wise, career wise and life wise. Although, you may think that this is easy but for someone who travels from place to place this can be the hardest part ; being in limbo. You learn to ride the uncertainty. You learn to be at peace with whatever you can and try to breathe. The dream of course to earn the mega bucks playing at a high level, sadly the reality for semi/professional women’s players we often play for the game and in some cases the game can control us. One day, I really hope that this will change and is starting to right now thank goodness. So for many players, like me,we are filled with uncertainty not knowing what is just a CV away; I kind of find that so beautiful now and what first world problems my dear.

Options. Thank you God for a world of options. You have blessed me with an education that has given me multiple opportunities and led to experiences that have forced me to grow. On my adventures, I have been lucky to take on some interesting jobs. Never thought I would have experience in the Early Learning areas of learning. Never thought that I would be teaching Business English in Germany, scouting in Auckland and being a live in carer for a couple of years. There are so many jobs that I have had to pick up just for that extra cash, for that experience and to fill in the now. What I will NEVER forget are the people that have always made me a home in their home. Their love and support gave me the strength to get me through the season.

For the now, I will be ENJOYING this moment and when my contract is over very shortly this season start to knock on a few more doors. A lot of new doors are opening. Sydney has a beauty of opportunity.

Keep smiling, even when it is hard. Find what makes you happy and CELEBRATE IT. Celebrate it every single day. For we are impermanent.

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