The Training in Serbia

It is hard for me to remember exactly the details of every single part of my journeys. However, I will try my best.

The training in Serbia started with bands. I will never forget these bands, we spent 6 months told the same thing: “butt down, lower, knees apart, you are not doing it right”,daily. Crab walk, forwards, backwards, you name it. Reflecting on using these resistance bands I will have to say that I will continue to use them and THEY ARE SO IMPORTANT for your strength and general glute pre-activation.

The other aspect of Serbian training that was very important was our foam rolling. I never realized that foam rolling was such a sport and I will never forget the daily pre-activation workouts because the foreign players were always critiqued in every single way. For example, make sure that you are rolling on your side now, instead of your back. It was so stressful, I cannot paint a picture for you to understand but really looking back at it now. I am glad it happened and I can’t help but laugh at myself because the whole situation was comical.

Lastly, one aspect of Serbian training that I really admired during my time in Europe was the ability of Serbian players technically. In my team, all players were able to chip a precise ball with both their left and right foot to a player. An area that I have struggled with in the past and am not as precise with. I absolutely enjoyed playing with players who could cross a ball or loft a ball over the back-line and create space and time for you when you felt like there was none. I felt really challenged during this period of time, it hurt but I needed it to improve.

Overall, training with this team really improved my skill technically, not physically because we hardly did any running but technically I was introduced to another ball game. This was a general brief of training. The next blog will be about some funny memories. Please, control yourself for the next blog, you may be shocked.

Love Aimee, and p.s. thanks for following all my posts an stories on Instagram lately. I love your input.

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