The 50/50 of Dealing with Disappointment

If you are reading this post, let us talk about disappointment.

Firstly, the feeling is something that I do not want you to have to ever deal with but the reality is: you will. Some a lot, some more that a lot and others I guess will have a lucky run which is good for the now but in the long run will probably be your downfall and literally bite you in the bum (good luck soldiers).

So with disappointment how do we cope? Have you had to deal with it? Well it sucks doesn’t it? The most bitter disappointment is WHEN YOU KNEW THAT YOU COULD HAVE PROBABLY STOPPED THE INEVITABLE FROM HAPPENING. First, FORGIVE YOURSELF, tell yourself one of those rainbow glittery sayings like “everything happens for a reason”, “life sucks” haha ANYTHING that makes you feel better, do it (apart from the hard things I guess) and I guess start feeling the pain of this disappointment and acknowledge that it exists.

I can’t tell you that it will hurt any less or that there is a perfect way but all I can speak from is my EXPERIENCES and a person who has had to deal with a lot of lows (disappointments). Every disappointment, I deal with differently, every situation forces me to find a new level of myself that I never knew was possible. Call it learning, call it some buzzy concept like “growth mindset” or even better, “shit happens”, call it whatever you want.

Just know, that it is NORMAL to feel disappointment in your life or a lot of times in your life. There is a 50/50 zone when you are feeling disappointment.

Next post. Finding yourself again after disappointment.

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