Aimee Phillips Football Blogs Experience


Aimee Phillips Football Blogs ExperienceExperience

Everywhere you go. You learn different things. You meet different people, you experience joy, you experience hardship. You EXPERIENCE.

10 years ago, I was too scared to leave home and my perspective on life was so small. I worried about things that didn’t really matter, I treated those who had experiences to share like I knew the world, which I didn’t, I was a child and in some ways I still am but most of all I was afraid and I still am. I have much more to learn, I have much more to share, I hopefully have much more to experience and I want to one day conquer my inner fear.

A year ago I was too scared to leave to Germany at BV Cloppenburg, I was afraid to leave everything that I knew and the safety of my life and for good reason. I had money, I had someone I loved, I had my family.

It is not ideal to do what I am doing right now, probably would make someone very unwell haha. However, like I told you in the past it has made me grow up. Grow up maybe 6 years in the period of a year. Filled me with compassion, love, empathy, opportunity not to mention the hardships that I have outlined.

I say all these words lightly but I cant show you what these things look like or how they truly feel. I can only show you as much as I can. It is easy to say that everything is easy, moving countries, changing your environment until it is you. Until it is you but it gets easier to make change and change.

Change is integral to my life now. My dad would always say to me “Aimee a rolling stone never gains moss”. He is right BUT that rolling stone is turning into a pretty big boulder. Soon I will be home with my family, soon I will be home with my friends. Not until I try to see the positive of everyday God has given me. Thanks for being my way to share my journey. I am very excited about my future and this present moment. Its life.

Here is picture of me thinking too much playing football. I’m learning to enjoy the game more even with the pressure of it. Self-made I may add.

Love you all,


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